The Member Recruitment Specialist is the key player in the Interchange Business Organization and is responsible for attracting business professionals into the IBO Network. The Member Recruitment Specialist provides guidance and service to the IBO Membership.
This individual will aid IBO in its growth by introducing prospects to the benefits of membership. If you are driven, possess a strong work ethic and the passion to be a top achiever then apply for our Member Recruitment Specialist. contact: Tom Gibson ——————–

Strategy and Planning
  • Develop and leverage a broad view of IBO’s marketplace business advantages to obtain prospective business professionals into the IBO Network
  • Communicate IBO’s message of “Exchange – Grow – Thrive”
  • Develop, establish, implement and encourage business relationships of mutual cooperation which foster IBO’s values and philosophy of trust
  • Monitor and analyze trends in the marketplace to make recommendations for the future and to identify other areas of Network Development
  • Promote and attend IBO Events
Operational Management
  • Find and attract prospective business professionals for IBO’s Membership Network
  • Monitor and evaluate IBO Networks for potential membership areas of need
  • Assess the prospective business professional’s needs
  • Introduce and  assist prospective business professionals to existing IBO groups
  • Attend and enhance events to foster relationships of trust and interdependence where parties mutually benefit.
  • Promote and attend IBO events – Mixers, Meetings, Trade Shows
Your Success is rewarded with:
  • Commission on new members
  • Commission on renewing members
  • Bonus on exceeding goals
  • Bonus on initiating groups
  • Advancement Opportunities
Knowledge & Experience:
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Begin with what you have and…”Exchange – Grow – Thrive”