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Interchange Business Organization believes in fostering relationships with trust.
Connection ExchangeⒸ

Networking is about who you are. The Connection Exchange gets members to focus on amazing successes that show their value in how they brought success to another. Members share their passion through what drives them. When networking it is important to tell stories that people can relate to. Sharing how you have helped a client or a colleague brings out what you do to help others. Sharing a referral that connected someone that was able to get the help they needed shows you want to help by connecting your contacts with people who can supply the best solution.
The InterchangeⒸ

This is the focal point of the meeting. It is the exchange of Ideas, Values, Experiences and Knowledge. Every week there is a new Interchange topic which is interactive so all the team members can share their insights. This is the major reason IBO members are able to build strong relationships with the other team members. Strong tight relationships lead to more business.

IBO is the Relationship Network



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