(1) Download PokerStars FREE:
NOTE: Computer or Laptops only. No Mobile or Tablets (Sorry)
(2) Set Up Account (FREE)
* User name: This is what people will see at the table
* Password: You don’t want anybody playing as you.
(3) To join IBO Poker club
Main lobby
* Click on the “Home Games” Bottom Right (See image below for visual)
*  Click ‘Join a Poker Club’ (Left side)
*  Club ID number: 3616424
*  Invitation Code: Networking
*  Your name so we know who you are
(4) FREE Chips: You will need chips to play:
* Click “Free Chips” at top of screen.
* Every click gets you 15,000 chips.
* You can get free chips every 4 hours
* You will need 20,000 chips to play.
You will need to be accepted before registering for the game. We will contact you once you are accepted. PLEASE e-mail us your table name so we can identify you and send additional information.
(5) Registering for game:
* Main lobby Click on the “Home Games” Bottom Right
* Click ”Open Club Lobby”
* Click “Schedule” (On top bar)
* Hi-light game in bottom box
* Click “Register” Bottom Right

IMPORTANT: log in to PokerStars every 4 hours and click for FREE CHIPS