Interchange Business Organization’s team of networking professionals are focused on growing the best business development organization where members are learning and growing their business. Focusing on building long lasting relationships gives each member a better way to know who they are referring to and how they can help each meet high quality potential clients. It all starts with finding the right candidates to join an IBO team.
IBO’s Member Recruitment Specialist is always on the look out for prospective IBO members.  It is an important area to help build new IBO teams as well as grow current IBO teams.
Michelle Stallone
Member Recruitment Specialist
Contact: Michelle —  516-801-4779
IBO has a streamlined process for bringing on and maintaining member involvement. It is a key component to IBO’s value proposition. IBO is always looking for new ways to enhance the members experience.  IBO’s Member services is here to support the members.
Jennifer Engel-Fillekes
Member Services
Contact: Jen   —  
Networking is evolving all the time. There are always new ways to teach people how to connect. IBO believes you need to constantly learn new and innovative ways to network. Be best networkers are always evolving.
Howard Riemer
Business Development Specialist
Contact: Howard Riemer —   516-382-0795
IBO was founded in 2006 by Tom Gibson. It has been Tom’s focus to make an organization that would support the members and always be in a mode of evolving with the times. Networking is a complex process where people need to constantly be sharing new and innovative ways to be fresh in everyone’s minds. Tom works with members to show them that it isn’t about a sales pitch it is about a connection exchange. Members are always reminded to keep their introductions new and enticing.
Tom Gibson
Contact: Tom Gibson