Quarterly Maintenance
The maintenance covers breakfast and incidentals.

As for what people order it should be in line with the quarterly maintenance.
• Some diners have items that are costly and they should be avoided.
• Members should only order one breakfast.
• Members should not be ordering sides to the breakfast causing an unreasonable cost.
• Members have ordered something to go as they are not eating breakfast. This is ok so long as it is in line with the cost of breakfast.

Incidentals: Excess maintenance money is used by the team for things outside the breakfast as well. Some examples but not limited to are listed below.
• Covering Breakfast for guests
• A gift for a member who has gone through a life situation: Examples a birth, a passing of a loved one, an illness or accident.
• An event the team is having is subsidized by the quarterly maintenance.
• Donation to a charity
• Materials for the team
• Outside of the above the leadership team should review with IBO if funds can be used for another purpose

There have been members who don’t eat breakfast. Reasons given:
• Medical
• Dietary
• Religious
• Not the time the member chooses to eat.

This is a choice the member has made and we (IBO) do respect their decision. As the diner would not want a group of people who come and spend 1.5 hours in their establishment without compensation an exception cannot make for any individual.

Transferring to a different IBO Team
If an IBO member would like to transfer to another IBO team the member must go through IBO corporate. The member should contact IBO corporate explaining why they would like to make the transfer. It is up to IBO corporate to give the ok for the transfer. Once IBO corporate gives the go ahead the member can then ask the team they are looking to move to for an interview. If the team accepts the member the member can move. There is a fee of $75 for transferring to a new team.

Change business focus on a team
No member can just change their business focus on an IBO team. If a member would like to change their business focus on a team they must go through the leadership. First and foremost, the leadership team is responsible for what is best for everyone on the team i.e. what will make the team stronger and better.

An existing member does not have the first right of refusal for a category opened when a member leaves; or to pick a new business focus they feel suits them. All vacant categories will be filled the same way a category is filled when a new member is joining. Any existing member can request to interview for the open seat. All individuals will go through the interview process and the leadership will decide the best candidate for the vacancy. The leadership also has the authority to decide that the current candidates are not qualified and the team needs to continue to look for an appropriate candidate.

By giving the first right of refusal to a current member serves the member and not necessarily the team. Automatically giving the seat to a current member who requests it removes both the leadership team and the membership from the selection process. Some members in the group may agree with the move and others may not. This is why the leadership has the authority to choose the person for the category.

This highlights another reason why creating solid relationships within the team are so important. There is a good chance the membership will not propose another person for a category if the current member looking to fill the vacant seat has attended meetings, has an outstanding referral record and established solid relationships with other members.

If anybody feels the leadership is not working in the best interest of the team they should address their concerns to IBO corporate.