Are you getting the value you want?
IBO believes in supporting all the groups under the IBO umbrella. If you belong to a group and would like to have the support of an organization that cares about your success take the IBO challenge.  See if IBO can bring the support you want.
The IBO Challenge –  Do you get the value you deserve? Do you get the support you need? Do you get the benefits that will help you grow your business? Check off the benefits that are important to you.
Benefits Interchange Business Organization Your Needs
Business Development – Business development is the main focus of each meeting. ——-
Full Webpage on Group Website Each member has a page dedicated to their business. ——- X
Full Webpage on Industry Website IBO has put together industry websites to promote members. ——- X
Quality Referrals It is about getting quality ——- X
On Line Referral System Send and receive referral to and from any member in any group. ——- X
IBO Referrals / Introductions IBO staff passes referrals to members. ——- X
Group Growth IBO takes on a leading role finding member for all the groups. ——- X
Speakers Bureau Members can speak on informative topics. Not just the group they belong to but other IBO groups. ——- X
Tool Kit Keeps member materials together where they can continue to ——- X
Help Session on Member Business Members use the group to get business help to enhance their business. ——- X
BLUE Lunch Business Leaders Unite & Eat is for IBO and Non IBO members to come to build relationships. ——- X
Credits Members reduce their annual dues by earning credits. ——- X
Incentive Contest Fun competitive way to grow. ——- X
Intergroup Relationships Members visit other IBO groups where they don’t compete to build additional relationships. ——- X
IBO Mash-Ups Group come together to have a meeting. It is great to build relationships. ——- X
Events – IBO has networking events several times during the year. ——- X
Brain Jog – IBO uses a unique technique to help members get more introductions from the group. X
Member Match-Up IBO members match-up with a different member each month with specific goals focused to help with their relationship experience. X
Member Announcements IBO sends E-Blasts to promote member events. ——- X
Group Sponsored Events Utilize Maintenance funds to enjoy nice evening to relax and promote good relationships. ——- X
Open Networking Expanding networking by allowing members to belong to multiple networking groups. ——- X
Moderating Tables Members are invited to lead tables at IBO’s Round table events. IBO members are able to use their expertise to help others grow. ——- X
Workshop Speaker IBO has built a boot camp series to help new businesses. IBO brings in members speak and educate new business professionals. ——- X
Partnership Relationships It is important to build relationships with partners. These partners are a great resource for members. ——- X


  • Does IBO fulfill your needs?

One last thing to consider is the cost. IBO brings value at a reasonable cost. Contact Tom Gibson 516-801-4779 the founder of IBO to talk about being part of an organization that wants to supply the value you deserve.