IBO’s Philosophy is built upon the word interchange which literally means the act of mutually giving and receiving.
IBO members meet weekly with the purpose of developing trustworthy relationships. As a result, this creates the ideal prerequisite for exchanging reliable leads and referrals which will grow your business exponentially.
Relationships Working with honorable business professionals is of primary importance to the IBO team. Each IBO member candidate goes through a vigorous interview process to ensure he or she has integrity, are motivated and committed to the IBO philosophy of doing business.
Web Marketing All Of IBO members are promoted on the IBO website. Constant updating and optimization helps get each member more web presence.
Networking Events IBO has networking events several times during the year. These events give prospective members the chance to come and meet IBO members in a social networking environment. Each person at the event has the ability to interact and build business relationships.
Referrals Qualified leads ensure a better probability of closing business. Each member understands the importance of supplying leads which have been qualified to fit the business potential of the member receiving the lead.
Business Development IBO is more than a networking group. Each meeting consists of a business development section to help members constantly find ways to improve their business practices.